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The Issues

An important factor in animal rights is, of course, BECOME A VEGAN! Vegans do not eat ANY animal products (no cheese, milk, eggs) and avoid it in their day to day life as well by wearing non-leather shoes and using products which do not contain animal by-products.

If you are interested in making the change to a vegan diet, I STRONGLY recommend reading FOOD REVOLUTION and BECOMING VEGAN. has good leaflets that you can download for FREE (or order via post for a small donation), they explain in a clear manner the cruelties which occur in factory farms. If you would like to find out the health aspects of why a VEGAN diet is SO GOOD FOR YOU, go to

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PeTA has information for kids, a great magazine, recipes, fun things to buy, and it's a great place to find out about current legislation. Sign up to receive their e-lerts so you can send letters to policy makers and voice your concern for the welfare of animals.

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Greyhound racing is still a very active sport in some states. Please don't frequent animal races!
If you can, consider adopting a greyhound, they are beautiful animals with a mild temperment, known to their owners as being like a large lap-dog!


PeTA's calendar for November!



Here we may include a link you can use to download position papers for the campaign.